Foxtel’s NFL Coverage Sucks

Ok, so when are we going to get some decent NFL coverage?
Foxtel decides to show the most boring and lame NFL games, whilst the best games are avoided?
They couldn’t possibly show the awesome Colts v Patriots game – featuring the two best teams in the league in a blockbuster close game.
They couldn’t show Green Bay duke it out with the Chiefs in what turned out to be a 4th quarter comeback for the Pack.
How about Seattle v Cleveland which went into overtime?  Yeah, they got that one, but it’s between two teams that can only *hope* to make it into the playoffs – hardly inspiring!  They also had Tampa v Arizona which is similar – none of those teams are real contenders.  (Okay, perhaps Tampa and Cleveland might have a chance).
Instead we get the Cowboys blowing out the Eagles in a snore-fest.  Same last week in the Patriots v Redskins game.
We get a bloated score game where the competition ended at the end of the first quarter (or so).
How can you miss showing thegame of the week – Pats v Colts??  It was a ‘must watch’ game even BEFORE the season started!  Two undefeated teams going blow-for-blow.. Two of the best QBs in the game with some of the best receivers!  Teams with something to play for..  Oh well.
Sorry, but this just ain’t good enough.  Fans ought to be able to choose which games they want to watch, and they should be broadcast in the proper screen format (16:9) instead of the crappy 4:3 resolution we currently get.  It’s inexcusable to broadcast content which is inherently High Definition and not even get the format transferred correctly.
Foxtel = For Shame!

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