New Blades in Melbourne

On the weekend I bought a new set of rollerblades so that I could blade while working in Melbourne.  My previous blades (in Sydney) were Salomon blades.
The new blades (Seba FR2) are designed as "all rounder" skates for street skating and also ramp and park skating.  They’re designed for a tight fit and do an excellent job of shock/impact protection.  A link can be found below:


Except due to a problem with one of the ankle cuffs, I managed to have them replaced with the white ankle cuffs from the top end model (pictured in the link below):


All pretty cool..  Had an extended session on Sunday and they held up fine, especially after I replaced the hard pads under the heels with the softer padding.  Probably lost a KG or so too.. Fun to get back on the street and see if I could do even half the moves I used to be able to accomplish.

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