More Annoying Thoughts

So, I’d assumed that everyone knew… LINQ isn’t going to officially support (RTM) SQL Server /SQL Server 2008 until Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (or, more specifically, I’d guess a Framework revision). 
Everyone probably knows that SQL Server and Windows Server 2008 both will be hitting RTM in February, rumoured to be around the 27th of Feb. 
There were rumours that the virtualization support in Server 2008 flavours (named "Hyper-V" or codename ‘Viridian’) wouldn’t be included until six months (or more) past RTM, which would cast a big doubt over the benefit of server’s ‘core mode’. 
My understanding was that core mode was designed with virtualization (Hyper-V) support in mind – i.e. that being so light weight and decoupled meant that bigger bonuses (memory, CPU) would be passed on to virtual machines.
Guess we’ll find out.. Leave a comment if you know differently..

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