TechEd: Day 2 (The Ongoing Post)

Continuing the normal level of delicious indelicacy comes the ongoing post series, TechEd 2007, from yours truly.
I’ll be continually updating this blog post throughout the day so check back.
There has been one session already this morning, but in deference to providing a healthy start to the morning we sent Paulo on ahead to the WPF session while Bruce and I grabbed breakfast.
This morning is full of good sessions, then there is a lull between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm before the rest of the day kicks on.  There are some interesting sessions including IIS 7 diagnostics, Enterprise Library 3.1 and Xbox XNA Studio!
Continuing the tragic saga
We’re back in the Exhibition hall at Tech Ed.  Bruce and I just sat in on the WF (Windows Workflow) presentation which basically provided an overview of .Net 3.0, its various flavours (WPF, WCF, WF and some other goodness).  This was interesting, but more interesting is the DinnerNow sample which is available from codeplex.  Nice to see and end-to-end sample solution.  The sample makes use of CardSpace too – which is something I need to get more familiar with.
People are happy throwing out the various new buzz words.  I wish I had $10 for each time I’ve heard RSS, ATOM, AJAX, JSON or POX.
Would like more sessions on LINQ and SQL Server 2008 but alas, it is not to be.
check back for more..

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