Top Reasons Why the Wallabies Are Gonna Win

…and the top reasons they’re gonna lose..
Hi.. you guessed it –  a sports post.. 
Tomorrow night marks the culmination of the TriNations series of Rugby Union for 2007.  The finale pits New Zealand against Australia for not only the much coveted Bledisloe Cup but also the TriNations trophy as well.  Talk about top billing.
For Australia, they’ve seen two of the starting fifteen out with injuries.  Julian Huxley who has been the in form fullback for the Australians for the season thus far managed to injure himself in a non-Rugby related incident, and hard hitting number 8 David Lyons is out with a blood clot in his thigh.  I’m not aware of any All Blacks out due to injury, so the player lineup favours the All Blacks (as it likely did anyway).
Now that we’re done with the formalities..
Reasons the Wallabies are going to win:
– Everyone loves the underdog pulling out the big win
– Do it for Greegs and Bernie – in probably their last TriNations and Bledisloe game
– New Zealand have developed an interesting habit of playing bipolar rugby; one week they go up a gear and play spectacular rugby in the final 20 minutes and the next week they downshift into mediocre (by their standards) rugby, giving the opposition a chance (witnessed in Melbourne, for example).  Last weekend was the former….
– New Zealand’s ball handling and ruck infringements have become worse this season
Reasons the Wallabies are gonna lose:
– New Zealand traditionally doesn’t rest even in World Cup year.  Silverware’s on offer and they’re going to want it.
– They’re the All Blacks, and (if that wasn’t enough) they’re playing at home
– They have a very talented reserves bench, and might have more fuel in the tank come the end of the match, especially given the fact that two Wallabies are out injured to begin with
Anyhow.. lets see how it goes…

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