NFL to hit free-to-air

Hi all,
Glorious news via numerous sources (Bruce M, Sean C and this blog entry) is that Channel Ten (who are so much better than Channel Seven – see my previous entries for more info) will be broadcasting the NFL in high definition this year.  Four words: bring back Don Lane!
With any luck Channel Ten will lure ex-NFL defensive end Colin Scott into the commentary booth (or even former San Diego punter Darren Bennett who shouldn’t be confused with the dancer) because it’s nice to have someone who has actually played in the NFL talking about it.  Sorry, but having a former cricket player and "mega fan" waffle on about a game they’ve never played seems curiously morbid.
Some free advice for Channel Ten as it prepares for the NFL regular season:
1. Please don’t try and teach the game.  We can generally tell the difference between lineman and receiver pads.  There’s a good chance people watching have some interest in the game.  You don’t tune into Rugby League matches and get a football 101 from Peter Stirling and co.
2. Keep the commentary punchy and quick.  Follow the example set by the US coverage, go deep.
3. HD, baby!  (Al Davis: Just Win, Baby)  Give us the full depth 🙂
4. Free stuff.  Giving away free stuff (like jerseys) would be nice.  It’s not like you bump into NFL stuff every day around here.
Finally – mucho thanks to Channel Ten for knocking Fox Sports off the monopoly of the NFL in Australia. 
Can you consider also getting the rights to the Australian Super 14 matches as well?  We’d be eternally grateful!
Cheers /R

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