What the heck..

Well, visitation to the site has gone down, to basically none [none = me].
I’ve often wondered if there was much point to maintaining a blog that no one reads.
So.. Unless someone puts something in the address book, or leaves a comment – or visits the goddamn site, I’m not going to do any more entries.
Writing to an audience of zero is pointless.. like if a tree falls in a forest [and hits a mime] does anyone care?
Herein lies a summary of some of the awesome posts from the past six months:
– Vista Reviews
– Code Samples
– Various rants
– Product reviews (read: endorsements)
– ZANY Photos
– Exclusive interviews with ‘C’ grade stars
– Free stuff
Going out the door at crazy prices… Support your least visited blog, tell your friends..

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IT Professional and TOGAF 9 certified Enterprise Architect with nearly two decades of industry experience, 18 years in commercial software development and 11 years in IT consulting. Check out the "About Rob" page for more information.

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