IIS 7: Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

It’s just getting to the point where you have to have to say that it’s pretty much unacceptable for major mainstream software to not support resizable windows. 

Today I went to adjust the bindings for the default web site on my local IIS 7 service using IIS Manager.


Sorry, but it’s 2009 and IIS Management was rewritten in 2007.  Somehow resizable windows escaped the redesign? 

Personally, I find IIS 7 Manager to be one of the worst organised consoles, it’s exceptionally counter intuitive.  Where else do you find an option for “Basic Settings” and a little bit below it.. “Advanced Settings”?

While we’re on the subject, the SQL Server Team found time to improve SQL Management Studio.  The once-inflexible dialogs mostly sport resizing – even the odd Browse dialog – however the Dialogs remain pretty large.  If you’re on a screen resolution of 1024×768 or less, you’ll have a hard time using SSMS.  We’re glad they did it though 🙂


Still hideous after all these years..the Browse window in SSMS

At least we can say the interfaces, consoles and management tools are getting better with age.  From the early previous, Visual Studio 2010 is going to give Developers the kind of excellent layout options which Designers have bathed in for many years.  Can’t wait!

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