Windows 2008 Server Reviewed

Hot on the heals of my previous post about the free Windows 2008 Server courses… The fine folks over at Tom’s Hardware have posted this very detailed review of the current RC0 of Windows 2008 Server.

I’ve read some of the review and think it’s worth taking the time to plough through  – especially if you’re trying to come up with reasons why your boss (or you, if you’re your own boss) should send you along to the free courses.  The new version has been a long time coming and looks like it might be the next best thing as a development platform (both as a server and as a development environment).  Lets hope that the fine folks testing and operating system think to include developer tools in their list of release testing requirements!

I’m hoping we won’t have to wait for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 before it properly functions on the latest OS offering (like what happened with Windows Vista last year!).

Let me know what YOU think..


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