IT & T: Attracting Uni Grads

Recently there was a thread on the Australian .Net Mailing list (aus-dotnet) which led into a discussion around how the industry might consider attracting more graduates into IT courses and, eventually, careers in IT.

Personally, I don’t want the IT & T industry to pander to graduates by way of advertising or gimmicks like the Australian Defense Force (ADF) have created (computer games targeted at recruitment).

The best people I’ve worked with are programmers (or IT Pros) who had a natural inclination towards computers and information systems.

Everyone likes to get paid, it makes it easier to survive rate rises and inflation, but the people who do the best work are, IMHO, the people who would be doing the work regardless of whether they got paid.

What’s the use in encouraging people into the industry who aren’t thrilled about being in it in the first place?

Okay, so we might have a skills drought but, I ask, what is worse: a field of skilled workers who produce ‘passable’ software (and related products) or a smaller field of dedicated, passionate professionals who deliver ‘great’ software?

In the spirit of asking and answering…  Demand drives the market. Whether a supply of minds locally is available or not, businesses will find heads to employ.

I suppose by opening the doors (or attracting graduates) we create a local alternative to off shoring (although that is debatable).

What do you think?  Is expansion natural, and should IT focus further on recruitment to the ranks?  Add your thoughts..

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