Controversial Rugby Coverage

Channel 7 is delay telecasting tonight’s Wallabies vs Springboks instalment of the Tri Nations. 

Instead of broadcasting live (at 11pm AEST) Channel 7 is instead replaying the game at 2 AM AEST tomorrow.  What on earth could they broadcast at 11pm which is better?


I’m going to edit this post for a reason.  The Australian Women’s Basketball team played the gold medal game against the US Women’s basketball team around 11pm last night, which could be one reason for the shift in broadcasting.  This would appear to be a fair point, but doesn’t explain why thr Rugby couldn’t have been shown (live) on one of the other standard definition channels which are now in the spectrum.

I’m pretty sure there is some legisation that prevents content being aired on the alternate public television channels (e.g. Channel 7 2 etc) but I’ll have to do some digging.  Besides the point, I think we could accomodate two big games live, don’t you think?

Oh, by the way the game turned out to be a critical turning point for Australian Rugby, we won only the second game against South Africa in South Africa this decade wheras the Opals went down to the US in a game that was never even close.

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The live game is being carried by Foxtel which is great if you want to fork out the $55.90/month to get the sports channel package – that is the basic + sports package, there’s no sports (non-news) channel in the basic package.  I think it is outrageous that we don’t get an opportunity to follow the national team live (we get AFL and other sports live, why does Rugby Union take a back seat?)!

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