[Mini Project] Part 3: Update

You might be wondering why the Mini Project has stalled.  This has happened because at the moment there is some debate over whether this will form the basis of a full length presentation at SQL Code Camp in October!

My original plan was to publish the project as I went, but I’m in a holding pattern until the scope of the presentation is finalized.  In other words, it’s still happening.

Problematic – now I have to back fill with some zany posts.  Well, keep checking back!

Ever wondered whether you were right wing or left?   Authoritarian or civic libertarian?  Traditional sociopolitical leanings have been measured left-right, but don’t take into account socialist or commercialist leanings.

Check out your political compass.  Be warned the quiz is not overly long, but not short either.

You can view my (unsurprising) result here:

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