Goodbye managed C++, we hardly knew you

So, I was going over some old emails and trying to catch up on my learning (I’m currently doing some Professional Development) and I came across this interesting tidbit.  Seems that managed C++ will be dropped from the Microsoft certification program.

This is probably fine with me, I don’t know many who write in managed C++ and I know a few more who prefer not to, because it dilutes/corrupts their knowledge and experience with unmanaged C++ (myself included).

In other news, Mark Russinovich (formerly of Sys Internals) has this interesting read on his Technet blog about why file transfer operations under Vista service pack 1 have improved dramatically for high speed WLAN (wireless LAN) connection.

It’s a good read.  In any case though, the larger problem (shell responsiveness) remains, and it’ll take a lot of convincing to get me to believe that shell and explorer responsiveness (especially on older machines) isn’t vastly more superior on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server editions.

Note: Mark’s article does not cover shell or explorer performance, it is strictly limited to file copy operations on Vista + SP1.

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