Details in Madden 2009 NFL Patch 2

Well, I’ve found this link here which explains some of the fixes in the recently released patch for the frequently buggy Madden NFL 2009.

Looks like they have adjusted the player progression bug in Franchise mode – and I can officially verify that it takes effect immediately once applied (to an existing franchise).  Nice to see some new (non current era) player over the OVR 90 mark!

The game still locks up around Pre Season week 1 (per my previous posts) and occasionally freezes when loading a game of simulating during the regular season.

Why EA won’t fix the obvious pre season bug is beyond me, as it is impossibly easy to replicate.  It also looks like EA has fixed the roster filling issue (when a former User head coach joins another CPU franchise).  I’m ten+ seasons into franchise and have not hit that particular issue (yet).

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