Monitors: Not good for eyes

Hi.  I’m back from the eye surgeon’s hand.  The operation was successful, although it is taking a toll on my body.
Generally, I’m sleeping most of the days, between 16 – 18 hours.  My right eye is very uncomfortable (although not painful).
Luckily this time around I am not suffering from light sensitivity, so I’m able to look at the computer monitor, well, somewhat.
It’s going to be a tough week, but I’ll eventually get to a point where I’m comfortable enough to keep both eyes open.
There is added stress and pressure due to our impending relocation to Brisbane.  Although my wife is unfairly burdoned with much of these pressures, I am sure we will pull through.  My parents have also lended their time and support.  Ask me in a week how I’m doing!  🙂

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