More Eye Surgery Stuff Tomorrow

Hi all.  Well, tomorrow I am having the stitches in my eye adjusted to correct the vision in my right eye.  This will be hopefully the last adjustment, and it will be all downhill from there.  I still have light sensitivity issues and it’s still hard to keep the eye open, but my left eye is operating fine now (enough to see clearly at least).
Yesterday was the first real day that I was able to do anything meaningful including my first time outside since the op (except Tuesday when I had a quick visit to the specialist).  It was nice, because staying indoors so long makes one a little stir crazy.  I’m trying to get back into a regular routine, trying to be awake during the day is the hard part, and I see to be fully awake during the earliest times of the morning (i.e. 1 am – 4 am).
In other news (and to prove I’m not completely disconnected from the world), the Brumbies travel to New Zealand to take on the Crusaders tomorrow afternoon at 5:30pm.  These are arguably the two best teams in the Super 14 competition, and the match will be a real (excuse the pun) eye opener,
Take it easy, will write more soon.

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