Votes are in: [Mini Project] wins by majority

[Mini Project]

That’s right, starting this week I will focus on a mini project which you can following along with at home.

Details will be released later this week, but let’s just say you’ll need a copy of Visual Studio 2008 and the latest Release Candidate of SQL Server 2008 at minimum!

Make sure you have those prerequisites installed and – **potentially** – the Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK.

[Personal Notes]

Happy birthday to my Father who hit a milestone birthday recently.  My wife and I flew down to spend part of the weekend with family and close friends and throw a surprise party for him.  Everything went to plan, with a few small issues we narrowly dodged.  All in all, a good weekend albeit a very tiring one. 

My folks just got back from a five week Canada/United States trip, so we were equally lucky to get a few presents.  I was gifted with two actual civil war bullets and an eagle button from Gettysburg as well as reproductions of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence (no map on the back though).

Other presents included a first edition biography of Horace Walpole and a book of quotes from George Washington, plus two T-Shirts (including a Gettysburg shirt).

On Saturday we visited the Clonakilla winery out in Murrumbateman (NSW).  For notes, visit Aussie Wine Guy.


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