14k Visits, Tech Ed Reminder and Mini Project Notice

Hi all,
Thanks for the memories…the blog is now clocking over 14,000 unique vists since October 2006.  Hopefully I can keep up the ah ..interesting.. content.
Next week I am in Melbourne on Monday and Tuesday for some internal training and will be back in Brisbane at midnight on Tuesday night.  If you’re in Melbourne and not doing anything on Monday night, give me a shout at rob.sanders@gmail.com.  I’m staying in the city.
Looking forward to.. I’ve started work on the [Mini Project] and hope to begin a multi-part blog series shortly.  I’m busy prepping the test data (I like to try to use some sort of meaningful data for each project) and getting the project parameters sorted out before I kick off.  So if you want a distraction from all the ‘summer’ Olympics media frenzy, get tuned to Sanders Technology!
Lastly, a reminder that Microsoft Tech Ed is fast approaching – just over a month away in Sydney.  If you’re planning on attending, now’s the time to start planning.  If I recall correctly, it sold out last year before the date of the conference.

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