Wasted Hours…

Don’t you just hate it when your heart sinks and you read something like this:

SQL Server Express and Hosting

“Several questions have come up lately regarding whether SQL Server Express is an appropriate product to be used in a hosting environment.  Here are the answers:

  • User Instances (also known as RANU) available with SQL Server Express Edition, are NOT RECOMMENDED for hosting environments.
  • Shared hosting: SQL Server Express Edition is NOT RECOMMENDED for shared (multi-tenant) hosting as the scale limits and memory handling do not allow it to meet the requirements of such an environment.  SQL Server Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition are the best choice for shared hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting: All versions of SQL Server including Express Edition are RECOMMENDED for dedicated (single-tenant) hosting environments.  SQL Server Express Edition is a great way to provide a free copy of SQL Server with low cost Windows Server offerings.  Where customers require more advanced features or higher scale, Workgroup Edition, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition are all options.
  • Applications built on SQL Server Express Edition can be hosted in other editions of SQL Server.  There is a tool called the Database Publishing Wizard (it comes bundled with Visual Studio 2008) to help the export/import process.  If the Connection String contains a reference to User Instances, it needs to be updated (many sample applications and development tools include User Instances by default). “

    [Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlexpress/archive/2008/02/22/sql-server-express-and-hosting.aspx]

Well, time for another strategy.  Damn me for trying to be responsible and lower my web application’s footprint.  I guess the ISP will have to do some work for me.  For what it’s worth, I knew there was a reason I’ve stayed well, well away from SQL Express..

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