Friday on my mind…


Apologies in advance: this post was written over the course of this afternoon…

We are standing on the terrace rooftop of Macy’s waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory. Below us is the famous Union Square; it sprawls across a city block, lit by a beautiful blue sky.  Toni is standing next to me snapping pictures on my old Olympus digital camera.  Union Square, recently decked out in Valentines splendor, looks impressive, if understated.

It’s been a mildly relaxing day.  Today, shopping day, started around 10 am and found me stationed for a long time at a Borders.   Toni went the max at Victoria’s Secret.

It’s not a touristy day for us today. We’re all about relaxation and having fun.  Toni picked up a free water bottle from Nike Town where they had odd elevators and multi levels.

We bought a new suit case at Macy’s to cover our increasing luggage weight.   I bought several Criterion DVDs (can only get here) and the complete Far Side collection – adding to the weight issue.

It’s a simply stunning 70°F day and I doubt we’ll be able to stay in the city long.   Golden Gate Park beckons.

We didn’t quite make it – yet.   After lunch we ended up at H & M as Toni shopped for new suits.   As I write this,  l‘m listening to some kind of remix of The Church’s ‘Under the Milky Way’ J

We’ve finally left and have returned to the hotel..

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