ACTA is still “out there”

Those who have stumbled upon this blog before will be well aware of my hatred for what is brewing in the field of International copyright.  The so-called “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement” (ACTA – summary) is bad news and it’s coming to a country near you – and soon.

The recent meeting in Seoul, Korea wrapped up the next chapter in IP with regards to the Internet – yes, the thing you are using right this very minute – and it’s not looking good.  Michael Geist  (Canadian Uber Law Professor) has a great series of summaries.  There’s also a detailed series of notes from the Electronic Frontier Foundation herePC World also has a write up.

I’m about to start my quest to obtain a copy of any leaked documents as they pertain to the Internet.  In the meantime, I strongly suggest whether you are a casual Internet user or not – to get educated about what is happening, and to write to your local representative and protest against this insidious attack on our society.

These (deliberately) underhanded and shadowy dealings are clearly not in the interest of the common good, or else it would be debated and discussed openly and with public consultation.

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