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OK, enough tech stuff.. time for a sports post.  Paul, Joseph.. Skip this entry 🙂 
I noticed on the stats page that someone landed on this blog with a search query of "NFL on Foxtel".  Thus, this post..
Today I started watching Denver vs San Francisco since ESPN is covering the "Monday" games live.  It was a pretty decent game, for a pre season game.  I’m only up to half time (no rush, next televised game’s not for about a week).  Since I’m used to *no* coverage (a-l-a six nations, rugby union), I’m hoping this is a sign that there will be *lots* of coverage of the season proper.
This might be Brett Favre’s last season in Green Bay (I’ve heard that before), the organisation’s not done much to give him reasons to return – passing up on a potential trade to acquire Randy Moss., Instead Moss re-enforces a now seamingly deadly New England Patriots offense which will just add more firepower for the arm of Tom Brady.  Who can stop Brady?  The Broncos are sure betting on it.  I noticed their beefed up D in today’s game.
Nate Clements came across from the Bills to the 49ers in the NFL’s largest off-season free agent signing.  You have to wonder if he is worth all the money since he was playing for an AFC East team (Bills) who couldn’t work out a way to stop the Jets or the Patriots. 
What is interesting this pre-season is the development of QB Alex Smith who was a top pick in the NFL draft not too long ago.  This year’s top pick is still holding out of contract talks with the Raiders.  Just what the Raiders need on top of their worst season ever.  Raiders fans have to wonder where their Superbowl contending team disappeared to (apologies to Con)…?
Now, the other thing on people’s lips right now is whether the Colts can repeat their Superbowl win.. Peyton Manning obliterated the monkey on his back and increased the value of his 1998 rookie card at the same time (I still have two of ’em).  Who says #1 picks can’t succeed?
Lastly, I’m waiting for Madden NFL 2008 on the Xbox 360 – due this week at all fine video games retailers.  I have a copy of Madden from every year dating back to Madden ’97 (PC edition, released in 1996).  Here are some interesting specs about Madden 97:
– Rated G
– Uses 32 bit Technology!
– Requires Windows 95 or MS-DOS 5.0 (or higher)
– Pentium(tm) 60MHz (or higher) – (133 MHz Recommended)
– 40 MB of Hard Drive space – (54 MB Recommended)
– A whopping 8 MB of RAM – (16 MB Recommended)
– 1 MB SVGA Card (+ VESA Compatible driver) (2 MB Recommended)
– 2x Speed CD-ROM (or better) – (4x Recommended)
Wow, reckon this would fly on my 3.6 GHz, 2 GB RAM Dell XPS (Gen 1)?

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