Who.. The Story of The Who

Was down at a good second hand record store today where I picked up a copy of this long out of print double LP (1) “The Story of The Who” in excellent condition.

It’s good to find the odd rarity, and the records play really well – nice and loud.  No scratches or clicks/pops, feels funny listening to so many themes to series of Crime Scene Investigation – CSI (Miami, New York).  Only missing the track “Who Are You?”, but I have it on another LP (a rare red vinyl Canadian release).

Also picked up a out-of-print re-release from Germany of the best of Van Morrison from ‘67 which is in mint condition.  Yesterday I bought a copy of (2) ‘Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs’ by Derek and the Dominoes (for $12).  Good stuff is getting harder to find at the right price, but it still can be had.. 🙂

[(1) http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=136401 ]
[(2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Layla_and_Other_Assorted_Love_Songs ]

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