Holiday Time Approaching

Well, it’s about time that I hurry along and take some well deserved R & R.  I’ll be taking a break for the next two weeks starting on Monday (27/09/2010) and resuming starting October 11th.  In the meantime, I cordially invite you to take a look around the site at some of the ‘back issues’, the older articles – in case some of them are useful to you.

When things resume, I’ll be resuming my look at Windows Workflow as well as digging some more trenches around the Entity Framework v4 and in particular the “Code First” functionality as part of the EF Futures. 

Also in the meantime, if you have any specific technologies you are personally interested in which I haven’t covered previously (or if I haven’t covered it in sufficient detail) please leave a comment on this post, and I’ll endeavour to take a look at it when I’m back online.  I’m quite happy to devote some time to anything SQL Server related, Team Foundation Server, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Communication Foundation, you name it..  But not Windows 7 Phone..

Stay safe, and may the compilers execute without errors for you 🙂


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