Quick Q & A – About this Blog

Hello there, I’d like to take a moment of your time and ask you whether you think this site violates any of the following criteria (leave a comment, if you could please):

Disallowed site behavior

  • The landing page must be available and reliably respond even at peak use times.
  • The Back button on the landing page must be functional and allow users to return to the previous webpage.
  • If the landing page requires registration, users must still be able to access some useful content without registering.
  • The landing page must not:
    • Be under construction.
    • Open any additional windows.
    • Mislead the user with "imitation" dialog boxes or browser windows.
    • Perform an automatic download of anything to a user’s system.
    • Present a download dialog box without first presenting detailed information to the user about the download.
    • Be designed to look broken or simulate a non-working webpage in any way.
    • Use "fake" close behavior. For example, when a user clicks a "close" icon on the page the page should close, and no other behavior should result.
    • Use scare tactics to convince users to download or buy software.
    • Promote or contain viruses, worms, corrupted files, cracks, or other material that is intended to or may damage or render inoperable software, hardware, or security measures of Microsoft, any user of MSN.com or the Microsoft network of services, or any third party.

Because in my humble opinion, this blog does not violate any conditions, however a 3rd party (who shall remain anonymous) appears to disagree.

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