TechEd Keynote

It’s begun..

Someone directing music on stage…Already I’m sensing a pattern. Using Fairlight’s innovation in the 80s to help redefine some of the music genre…

However the theme is clear … standing on the shoulders of giants. Jason Silva intros…he’s a filmmaker.

Ideas evolve… secondary evolution? Lots of words… lots of references to Thomas McKenna? This guy really comes across as on something. Too many visual and intellectual concepts blasting at the audience.


Lots of word salad… visual images… the guy should be a lawyer. Not sure how qualified he is to do this…

It seems he’s seen the movie ‘Hackers’…. Time for a Silva video…


Lots of images, concepts, blasting at the audience at break neck speed. Some analogues not sticking : it’s akin to verbal diahorreah..

But he’s VERY excited. Yada, yada.

Referencing a lot of interesting but esoteric sources, no idea what his point is though as it’s delivered soooo damned fast. It’s becoming white noise.

Another video…

It’s been suggested that Jason would make an excellent Enterprise Architect…


Well… anyhow, name dropping. Name dropping Socrates now… wow.

Jumping from visual to visual ‘narratives’. We finally get to something technical? Big data looks like Internet which looks like brain waves, ants gathering food, the Tokyo subway…. Slow down, Son.

His videos are pretty much the same. A blur of visual clips with a rolling narrative. I get the ideological bent, but the narrative is too fast and really too disjointed. Bring on the Swedish Developer Conference wrapper and dancers, dammit.

A video about awe creates awe (metadata) well there you go.

This is the face of the erratic Windows Metro world… a confluence of visual and analytical concepts that barely gel.



A demo of the new Kinect! Kinda impressive but a bit repetitive. At least we’re heading in the right direction.


Seems to be winding down to something…. A big round of applause…. Now introducing Bungie (games dev).

They obviously made the Halo series of games. Building on the shoulders of giants theme. What’s next?

Macca and Coasty are on stage, bit of a plug for DPE:


Bit of a plug for a Windows Phone developer.…. Moving on… We’re going through a bit of a profile on technology heroes from the Australian community, people who have engaged in building something big.

It’s compelling to a degree, nice to hear some home grown success stories, however I expect this is building to something.

Ah, we’re getting an explanation about the Kinect musician who kicked off the keynote. Interesting.

Another plug for the platform… now the AppFest. The winner won a Halo themed Xbox.

Lots of Windows Phone references, but where is the Windows Phone 8 SDK guys??

Now we come to the crux of the keynote:


… and that’s all folks. Last time I live blog on an iPhone!!!!

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