2017 Wrap Up

Well, it’s been an interesting year.

There’s been a notable dip in the number of articles I’ve been writing owing to the sensitive nature of some of the work I’ve been involved in.  Moreover, it is really hard to write agnostically about strategic planning & purpose – the nature of that kind of work is hard to write about without giving away the ballgame.  What I might start to do is write about process and governance and the value provided by being disciplined and flexible (two often competing concepts).

I’ll return in 2018 and continue the Enterprise Integration series, and will look to incorporate hybrid solutions (e.g. Azure Service Bus etc.).  From there, there’s some exciting prospects across identity and access management, securing IP and a host of other concepts (Quantum computing?) which will make a play for the Enterprise in the new year.

In the meantime please enjoy a safe and prosperous holidays and a happy new year.  Many happy returns in 2018.


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