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Over the weekend I’ve been working on a query abstraction approach which is interoperable with both LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework (using IQueryable) – with some minor modifications to suit each data model. As I was putting this to use on a somewhat semi-realistic search pane, I […]

An old gripe… but

Greetings from a rain soaked Gold Coast.  It’s this time of the year that we’re either:a) travelling overseas,b) ‘spring’ cleaning, or,c) visiting relatives This year we are doing none of those three things.  Having just relocated from Brisbane’s south-east to the Gold Coast, we need a break from cleaning/unpacking, we […]

An Easter Message

Last night, the 7th of April, 2009, Paramount Pictures screened the world premiere of JJ Abram’s new Star Trek movie at the Sydney Opera House.  As it happened, I was one of the lucky few who were able to purchase a limited release ticket to the red carpet event. The […]

Star Trek World Premiere

Republished mostly from this blog entry here.. Here’s my version of “Things Programmers Say..” “That’s weird….” “It’s never done that before.” “It worked yesterday.” “How is that possible?” “It must be a hardware problem.” “What did you type in wrong to get it to crash?” “There is something funky in […]

Things Programmer Say..