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I’m introducing a new category now – “Tech Meme” – which is going to be used more frequently for short, pithy articles usually highlighting something absurd, such as the following: I was trying to install Server Virtualization templates for Visio, when I was prompted for PIA assemblies: In a funny […]

Redundant UI

Hi Everyone, Well, I’ve been waiting three weeks for a DSL connection and it isn’t happening anytime soon.  In the interim, I’ve finally had enough of waiting and went and picked up a Telstra 4G modem, and I’m back online. Sorry to those folks who added comment which were awaiting […]

Delays, delays and more delays

There are times when you want to get a little creative about your investigative work when it comes to SQL Server.  In this case, this is a very short article highlighting some efficiencies in locating information about specific programmatic resources within a database. If you haven’t used the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views […]


Introduction If you have a copy of Visual Studio 2010 Premium or Ultimate, you’ll likely have a menu in your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called “Analyze”.  Chances are, you might not have investigated the true potential of the profiling tools in VS 2010.  This article will demonstrate usage of some […]

Analyze .NET Applications with Visual Studio 2010 (Part 1)