Absolute Disgrace: Fuel Prices jump 12c/litre overnight

We’ll take a quick break from my multi-part post on Windows Vista to bring you this outrage-based rant on unfair increases in Fuel prices.
When does it become time to start publically naming and shaming oil company executives?  I mean, personally telling the public who is to blame for what I would like to call (but can’t) unprecedented fuel price hikes.  But hey, why are we surprised – it is a long weekend – and I’m sure that demand has equalled the increase (or has it?) – not, it’s not a 1:1.
For Shame!  How can we take action against these greedy monopolising asses?  There isn’t , in many cases, an alternative to driving.  How can we really hurt the oil companies?  Minimise fuel consumption.  Take advantage of discounting periods.  Don’t use the Xc/litre discount thingies they only drive up the value adds (like in store purchases), and line the pockets of the fuel companies.
For Shame! What the public should REALLY be asking is: where are the petrol alternatives?  Why haven’t we got better hybrid car alternatives?  Why wasn’t this forecasted 20 years ago?  The government is as much to blame for Australians being (literally) held over a barrel (of oil) as the cartels.

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