Thunder and Lightning plus bonus rant

Wowie, there has been a big storm over Sydney today.  Thunder.. oh there it goes, right while I’m typing.  This is going to be very short entry in case I get fried by lightning (let us hope not).
Bonus rant: Lane Cove tunnel and the RTA = a match made in hell.  What is it with the need to close off half the road when it’s obvious that NO ONE is *actualy* doing anything!  The whole thing is a disaster and I, for one, am getting sick and tired of it. 
The Gore Hill expressway has been under some kind of construction or another for over ten years, it’s got to stop!  It’s a nightmare even contemplating taking the M2 south east – and I think drivers are due some kind of government rebate in payment for all the delays and wasted (expensive) petrol.
More thunder… time to run..

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