Qantas: Still trying to save a buck

As if international isn’t tough enough already with security smack downs and passengers being treated as potential t3rrorists, Qantas has been found to be doing the dirty on its own customers.
On the one hand, you could get a horny stewardess (so that’s a plus) but hardly makes up for bumping full fare paying customer down to the budget sister airline, Jetstar.  I will never fly JetStar.  I’d pay the extra $$ to avoid It.
It’s simply an insult to good, honest customers.  If a flight can’t go ahead, surely it couldn’t be too tricky to arrange alternatives with other non budget carriers?  It’s simply not good enough to offer a budget alternative, people could have booked that option themselves in the first place.
Then there is the issue of SkyBeds.  How underhanded can you get? 
No, Qantas is really dying, R.I.P.

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