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Hi Everyone. 

With the new year fast approaching, I thought it was time for a new post category.  Introducing the Gadgets category!

So here’s info on my early Christmas present to myself…

Background NFO: When I bought my foldout bluetooth keyboard (for my slate PC) back in April, I got a demo of this excellent portable sound system. 
It grew on me, and I eventually bought a set this month.

The sound output on this set is simply amazing.  You have to hear it to believe. 
The battery life is excellent (about five hours per charge), and it’s very portable.

To give it a test run I played some bass-heavy songs like "Bring me to life" by Evanescence where on cheaper speakers the fidelity breaks down into distortion, this set handled it with ease – even at ear bleeding levels.  You’d not expect this level of quality sound output from such a small unit.  At circa AUD $240-290 it is a bit dearer than comparable mini HiFi systems, but for portability and quality it would be hard to pass up.

Specs-wise, it doesn’t take digital signals like coax or optical, so it’s not a replacement for a home theatre amplifier or anything like that, it’s targeted at iPods, mobile phones and desktops/laptops.  It doesn’t weigh much and comes with a handy carry bag.  It’s rather like an RPG 🙂  The power adapter has multiple socket connectors so you could use it overseas.

If you, like myself, travel often and prefer to take a quality speaker system with you, I’d highly recommend you check this out.
For more information, just drop me an email at: rob[at]

iGo Boomtube H2O1 Speakers (STWBT321E)

Key Features

  • Works with MP3 players, Cellular MP3 phones and laptop computers
  • Cellular MP3 Player phone ready; includes a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter.
  • Dual digital amplifiers deliver more than 40 watts of total system power.
  • Combines four 2-inch drivers with dual neodymium magnets and MaxxBass technology.
  • Integrated crossover and EQ pump audio to a pair of matched bass drivers to deliver the biggest bass sound possible.
  • Anodized aluminum housing resists stains and scratches, and delivers better sound quality than plastic.
  • Includes a meter of speaker wire for each satellite so you can put out more music more places.
  • Features rechargable Lithion-Ion batteries for up to 5 hours extended play.

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