Green Bay takes Seattle in the second week of NFL playoffs

Well, it’s a great day to be a Green Bay Packers fan.  Brett Favre and the warriors from the frozen tundra bounced back from an early 14 – 0 deficit to score 42 points (to Seattle’s 6) and win the game 42 – 20 in huge snowfall at Lambeau field in Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA).
This is another chapter in the Green Bay/Seattle playoff series, and another tough loss for former Green Bay head coach (and current Seattle coach) Mike Holmgren who hasn’t won a playoff game in Green Bay since he was coaching Brett Favre.
Ryan Grant prooved to be the X-factor for the Packers in combination with smart plays from QB Favre who made some almost impossible plays and passes in the first half.  Grant set a team record with 3 touchdowns in a playoff game, and becomes one of only seven other players to rush for over 200 yards in a playoff game.
Seattle couldn’t really get anything going after their second touchdown, Shaun Alexander had a bad day on the ground and the Seattle ‘O’ line had serious problems containing the vastly improved Packers defensive front four.  Al Harris and Charles Woodson played tight man-to-man coverage on the Seattle wide outs and kept Hasselbeck frustrated for the entire game.
Naturally, Favre provided the signature play of the game, losing his footing but remaining in control to shovel a pass to TE Donald Lee to keep a touchdown drive alive in the first half.
Green Bay will go on to play either the Cowboys in Dallas, or the New York Giants in Green Bay next week.

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