Mystery of Rock’s Most Famous Chord Solved?

It’s been a classic in Rock n’ Roll for over 40 years now, and recently we hear a maths professor might have uncovered the secret behind the famous chord.  The chord I’m referring to, of course, is the introduction to a classic song by The Beatles – "A Hard Day’s Night" (from the album by the same name).  I’ve got an original copy of the album in Stereo on LP 🙂

From the article – “Dr. Brown deduces that another George—George Martin, the Beatles producer—also played on the chord, adding a piano chord that included an F note impossible to play with the other notes on the guitar.”

Original article is posted here.

From comments, some believe there may be another alternative:

“however there is one other possibility that came to my mind without knowing the exact notes. Is it possible that the 12 string was de-tuned or using and alternate tuning.”

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