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Turtle BeachTurtle Beach

Why hello gamers!  Just had to write about these, frankly, awesome headsets which have just been released today.

A friend and I have been waiting anxiously for over a month since we put our pre-orders in with EB Games last month at the Sydney gaming exhibition at Olympic Park.

We were in the process of buying the then leading set, the XP500, when we learned about the new Black Ops II Tango and Sierra headsets.

The most obvious difference between the slightly cheaper Sierra and the Tango is that the Tango is dual-band wireless.  They both feature dual audio input (game/chat) as well as pre-set audio settings and a USB port for adding new pre-sets.

One of the other factors is that the Sierra obviously doesn’t require any recharging, although the Tango is no slouch, giving out 10 hours of use off a single charge.  The best part?  You can charge the Tango whilst playing using a USB cable.

Turtle Beach Tango  Turtle Beach Tango Headset
Out of the box                          Meet the new kid on the block

There’s virtually no interference that I could detect, and the chat/game audio balance is simply outstanding.  Also, there’s support for true surround sound and the programmable pre-sets allows you to select from a wide range of options to optimise your playing style.

It comes with all the cables you’d need, including an adapter for your Xbox controller so you can use the in-game chat.  Another option is to pair your headset to a Bluetooth compatible phone, and you can take calls whilst in the action.  The headset also allows you to pair to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. 

Home Theatre  Old and New
Tango at home in the Home Theatre      Old and New: Sennheiser meets Tango

Honestly.. can’t wait to get this new gear into action playing the recently released Halo 4!  Tonight’s test run was a few magnificent rounds of Halo: Reach, and the results were impressive.  Can’t wait to hear Halo 4’s immersive sound effects in this baby.

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