SQL Data Services (SDS) – White Paper & Article Index

This is not part of the ongoing series of articles on SQL Data Services, but rather a call out to a Microsoft White Paper which has been published (a) here – SQL Server White Paper Template.

I’d recommend, if you are interested in SQL Data Services, that you take a read of my previous entries here on this blog.  I’ve summarised a lot of the mechanics for you in advance.  The white paper goes into more details and depth.

Here’s the current index of posts on SQL Data Services:

(1) Part 1: SQL Data Services – Introduction
(2) Part 2: SQL Data Services – Data Interfaces and SDK 
(3) Part 3: SQL Data Services – Creating an Authority
(4) Part 4: SQL Data Services – Creating Data Entities
(5) Part 5: SQL Data Services – Querying
(6) Part 6: SQL Data Services – Administration and Bulk Uploading

Next article: Binary Objects (Part 7) – TBA

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Direct Links

(a) [ http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/b/4/8b4aa374-cbee-4e6b-9f01-c9177204b6e1/Microsoft%20SQL%20Data%20Services%20-%20Under%20the%20Hood.pdf ]

(1) [ http://www.sanderstechnology.net/?p=9834 ]
(2) [ http://www.sanderstechnology.net/?p=9835]
(3) [ http://www.sanderstechnology.net/?p=9836 ]
(4) [ http://www.sanderstechnology.net/?p=9837 ]
(5) [ http://www.sanderstechnology.net/?p=9839 ]
(6) [ http://www.sanderstechnology.net/?p=9842 ]

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