Review: Urban Armor Gear Outland (iPhone 4S)

Given the serious investment we place in our modern smartphones, it makes a whole lot of sense to also spare a thought for how we protect these pocket sized technical innovations.  A busy demanding modern lifestyle can put your mobile device at significant risk of accidental damage in a myriad of ways.

For this reason, it’s worth shopping around when considering how you’ll protect your phone.  Enter Urban Armor Gear (UAG).  This company makes some seriously detailed cases, and today we’ll be reviewing the Outland model for the Apple iPhone 4S.

UAGUAG - Packaging


For a modest price you get some well thought out options, out of the box there’s instructions, a cleaning cloth with a screen protector and the case itself obviously.  The packaging is also well designed, you can see what the case looks like quite clearly, front and back.

Urban Armor Gear - Contents

It takes no time at all to slip your iPhone into the protective embrace of the UAG’s armor shell, which despite appearances manages to blend durability with a softness so that the case is protective but also nice to hold in your hand.


Installing the protective film

The first step is to apply the screen protector to the front of the iPhone.  Here, UAG have provided small adhesive panels on both sides of the protector so that you may easily separate and apply to the iPhone using the supplied utility to remove air bubbles as you go.  The protector is viscous enough to survive repeat attempts if you don’t manage to align it perfectly the first time.

Assembled Striking design

Once you’ve applied the screen protector – which does not inhibit the iPhone’s touch screen in the slightest – slipping the case around the phone is reasonably easy.  It’s a snug fit, so don’t expect that the phone will be easily released.


The big drawcard is clearly the eye catching design of the case.  The case simply screams ‘tough’, but is actually comfortable to hold.  One big drawcard for my mind is that the case provides plenty of space around the camera, so there’s no interference or glare when taking photos or video.

Urban Armor Gear Outland

Our “walkabout test” provided the following feedback:

  • Eye catching design, decent selection of colour options to choose from
  • Unique moulding on the back of the case provides excellent grip
  • Buttons on the side are more user friendly, easier to use the buttons than other cases
  • Nice touch to include a screen protector out of the box
  • Case is relatively slim, doesn’t unnecessarily add bulk to the phone’s profile
  • Charging/USB cable port is easy to access


If you’re in the market for something to protect your smartphone, it’s worth taking a closer look at Urban Armor Gear’s line up.  They have cases to suit most models of modern handsets. 

Order online – free shipping worldwide (at time of writing) Site:

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