Review: aircharge wireless charging case for the iPhone 6

Last year I reviewed a wireless charging clock, which is still performing admirably on my desk.  Unfortunately the iPhone 6 (also obtained last year) does not support Qi wireless charging without some assistance.  Enter the aircharge wireless charging case for the iPhone 6, available from friends of Sanders Technology at MobileZap.

The case is the perfect solution to the conundrum of how to charge an iPhone without built-in QI wireless charging support.  The case is lightweight, is very tactile (doesn’t easily slip in the hand) and looks great.  The most exciting aspect is that it enables unfettered access to all the phone’s essential functions, without risking damage to the phone itself.


The packaging is pretty minimal, pretty much the essentials to get started.

IMG_1754 IMG_1755



As you can see from the photos, handling the case really is child’s play.

photo 3 photo 4 photo 2



Since the main point of this case is to support wireless charging, this is the most important aspect in terms of functionality.  The charging “hot spot” when aligning the case to the charging pad is reasonably wide, but sometimes you might need to move the case around until you get a connection.  Once charging, it’s easy to just pick up and go – no cables to worry about.

photo 2a photo 1a photo 5 

Charging times – although I haven’t maintained a journal of the levels vs. recharge time, I have observed that the charging times are similar to the standard Apple charging adapter, possibly even faster.


This is a nice, lightweight, case and charging solution for your iPhone 6.  The only real downside is that the case occupies the I/O port which would be used to link your handset to your computer, or a standard charging adapter.  This issue is fundamentally bypassed due to how easy and simple it is to remove the phone from the case for such occasions. 

Provided you have a Qi charging station located in a convenient location, you’ll find this is a very convenient and really effortless way to keep your phone charged.

You can obtain one for yourself today by visiting MobileZap right now.

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