Last night I had a good night out with some former colleagues in Canberra.  It was thoroughly enjoyable to talk on a technical level whilst also engaging in the usual developer-consuming-alcohol banter (surely you know what I mean, yes?). It brought to mind some thoughts I had been contemplating some […]

Notes from the back of a napkin

Welcome to the year if the geek!  Yes, that is right, this year is the Chinese year of the geek*, mostly due to the number of dates we will witness which are perfect binary dates (using the short date format), such as 01/01/10 (010110). In fact, here is a complete […]

A New Year’s Message

It’s come that time for me to start waxing lyrically about the nature of change.  For those of you who don’t know, the house my wife and I are renting has been recently sold, completing yet another unsettlingly frequent cycle in our lives – the dreaded house-sold-while-you’re-a-tenant. This is the […]

Changes in Life

Well, I realise that I’ve been posting a lot of non-technical entries lately, but as we get closer to Christmas, I tend to get both nostalgic and sentimental, so it is kind of apt.  Today I was musing about toys of the 1980s era (Transformers in particular) and I wondered […]

80s Memorabilia

With the amount of travelling I’ve done this year, it’s no wonder I’ve started (or resumed) reading so many books.  Typically, the normal book for me would be something technical (e.g. a Training Kit for SQL Server, for example) and for a long while I actually banned myself from reading […]

Getting back into reading (books)

Hi all.. Sorry about the relative silence, last week was my first week since I finished my last project (which ran from December 08 to July 09).  You might say I’m getting accustomed to the quiet (not to mention the free time).  The lead up to “tools down” has left […]

Random Thoughts