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Sometimes you have to wonder how people miss things..  Something simple like: string movieTitle = "Ghostbusters";var movies = from mov in mdb.Movie                    where mov.Title.Contains(movieTitle)                     select mov; Fails with a nasty error: "The ntext and image data types cannot be used in WHERE, HAVING, GROUP BY, ON, or IN clauses, except […]

Little bug in Entity Framework + SQL CE 3.5

Don’t you just hate it when your heart sinks and you read something like this: SQL Server Express and Hosting “Several questions have come up lately regarding whether SQL Server Express is an appropriate product to be used in a hosting environment.  Here are the answers: User Instances (also known […]

Wasted Hours…

  On the weekend we were at the mercy of some really terrible rugby as Australia played France to decide who could play the worst. Stay tuned for a complete review of a game which was only slightly better than South Africa vs Australia, 2006…

Coming Soon: Australia vs. France

Yesterday was suddenly (without warning) my last day working for Readify Pty Ltd.  I’ve worn the Readify badge of honour with pride for over two and a half years spread over two stints (from February this year until end of November) and just under two years, 2005-2007. To those whom […]


  Match Notes: Australia vs England, Twickenham (UK) 16-11-2008 (AEST) 15-11-2008 (local)   Halftime Report   We’re at the halftime portion of the England v Australia rugby test match live from Twickenham, in the UK.    Besides being a closely contested match, and the referee not handing out a yellow […]

Rugby: Australia vs England

No, I haven’t forgotten! I’ve been working extensively on the Mini Project and I think you’re going to like what the outcome looks like. Since SQL Code Camp (where Matt Lynch and I demonstrated advanced Entity Framework concepts in concert with SQL Server Compact Edition) I’ve been reworking the Mini […]

[MiniProject] Update