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G’day Everyone, My wife and I are about to head off into the Christmas holidays with our family and friends.  2008 has been a very challenging and engaging year.  From my perspective, it has been a combination of equal highs and lows.  This year we relocated from Sydney to Brisbane, […]

Merry Christmas, Internet

…I’m waiting at the airport because Virgin Blue decided to cancel my 17:00 flight home.  It has been a hectic two days but extremely worthwhile even though I’ve missed the company of my beautiful wife.  Luckily I’ll be home soon at any rate. We’ve got a good team assembled in […]

In Transit (Part 2)

For your viewing pleasure, some aerial pictures of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Our first two pictures are from a northern approach- We can see Manly beach at the bottom of the first shot, with the city and North Sydney towards the top of the picture as well as the Sydney Harbour […]

Aerial Sydney

Well folks, we’re not far from Christmas day once again.  The scary part this year is the realisation that next month marks the beginning of 2009 – in other words, the decade is almost over already. As a result,  it’s actually not a bad time to start thinking ahead to […]

Can it be: Christmas….?

Officially, Brisbane is enduring yet another summertime thunderstorm – yes, right now (well, when I wrote this entry at any rate).When the rest of the country (or, if you prefer, the world) sees this information it’s very likely they see this: Courtesy of the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) However, when […]

Queensland in Summer

Hi Everyone, Over the past week I’ve been putting together a new site to practice honing those ASP/.Net 3.5 Skills.  It’s a revamp of the Aussie Wine Guy web site, and I’ve chosen Viux [] as the host provider for the new site. The pricing is pretty good, and I’ve […]

Hosting Services

Here’s some helpful information for those of you out there who are trying to make the call between using SQL Server Compact Edition or SQL Server Express Edition. Compare SQL Server 3.5 Compact and SQL Server Express Edition Features [] My short summary asks you to determine if any of these […]

Comparing SQL Server Compact to Express Edition