Monthly Archives: March 2009

In recent years I’ve noted a decline in television show quality & production values, not to mention – alarmingly – that most of my favourite shows have ended or been shown the door (cancelled).  This morning I was lamenting the absence of good writing and acting – no doubt due […]

The Waning TV Show Perspective

Welcome to my office.. Here is a view from the double doors leading inside.. Ahead is the main desk (with air conditioning and a nice large window behind).  There are some backpacks and satchels next to the whiteboard on the left hand side, below the Millennium Falcon (the collectors series […]

A Tour of Rob’s Office

You have to give Australian ISP iiNet credit for participating in the first round of the Government’s increasingly unpopular web filtering trials.  In retrospect, it was the only way to evaluate the Government’s real motivation for such a draconian tactic. According to, iiNet have been quoted as leaving the […]

Web Filter Trials: iiNet Quits

Well, most of the votes have been tallied and it looks certain that Queensland has returned the hapless Labor administration to power for god only knows why.  This is a great time to be in politics because it’s quite clear that the voting public are complete idiots easily swayed – […]

Labor wins in Queensland