Consumers Win

Some good news for a change! A court decision has backed Sydney startup company IceTV over Channel 9 in a case to determine whether IceTV’s electronic program guide is in violation of Nine’s copyright to their scheduling, the merit of the case precariously balanced on IceTV’s guide being similar to Nine’s.
This has got to be considered a substancial win for consumer rights.  It’s a tick in the box for consumers to be given choice in the less-than-satisfactory world of home entertainment technology.  Especially, hot on the heals of news that when TiVo hits Australia it will be grossly cut down and restricted.  Traditional "big media" doesn’t want it’s consumers skipping past advertisements (despite the technology to do so).
Fair enough, big media needs a way to cover the cost of making TV shows (excluding the money they make from DVD releases) and I understand the need for advertising, but surely it’s time for the media companies to invest in other, non-traditional ways of making money to subsidise running costs?

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