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This is part of a series of entries written about Microsoft’s new SQL Azure database service and the Entity Framework v4. Following on from my previous posts (check them out before continuing) – this article assumes you have followed steps outlined in the  previous posts to create various models and […]

A Dynamic Data Website with SQL Azure and the Entity ...

As the author of a blog, it is some small satisfaction to see that writing entry after entry actually has some kind of purpose – in other words, it is fulfilling to know that people actually read what you’ve spent years writing about.  Considering the “eclectic” nature of my blog […]

Happy 50,000th view

The new year greets us with a new opportunity – for other folks.  We’ve decided to do some “spring cleaning” and sell of a lot of unused furniture we have.  I’ve also decided to part with my beautiful silver 1998 Mercedes SLK 200 which has been reliable and trouble-free. Here’s […]

Parting is such sweet sorrow

This document (linked below) arrived in my inbox today after I had emailed the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (Stephen Conroy) with my concerns about this flawed and mandatory plan. Unfortunately, besides wasting my bandwidth all this document does is summarize the position held by Senator Conroy […]

More on Internet Filtering in Australia

Welcome to the year if the geek!  Yes, that is right, this year is the Chinese year of the geek*, mostly due to the number of dates we will witness which are perfect binary dates (using the short date format), such as 01/01/10 (010110). In fact, here is a complete […]

A New Year’s Message