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Wow, China just blocked all of Google’s sites.  Literally just now – stunning, though hardly the last word. 31-03-2010 12:53am Beijing Time – Blocked31-03-2010 ~10:20am Beijing Time – Not Blocked Interestingly, Google is not blocked at the moment, perhaps what we had a taste of last night was a test […]

China blocks Google

We’re a little unclear whether (Australian) Senator Conroy hasn’t been sniffing Liquid Ink (white out) between media engagements, take for example this great quote from the weekend: [1] "When you publish a list of titles of books that are banned, or movies that are banned, you don’t give access to […]

Conroy on Conroy : You Elected Him

There’s going to be more to this in coming posts, but I thought I’d add all the articles I’ve been reading ahead of schedule.  The long and short of the story is this – I’ve managed to implement round trip CRUD operations using POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) using a […]

Reading Ahead – ADO Entity Framework v4 and POCO Entities

Although many people have said it before, we can now label Obama as nothing but a cheap suit.  Taking to office with a huge mandate for change, we’ve seen nothing but a Kevin Rudd style all-talk-no-substance approach to governance, which recently culminated with this unsurprising speech backing the ACTA, MPAA […]

President Obama the sell out

As a dot-com bust survivor, 2010 marks a particularly sensitive anniversary for myself and, no doubt, many other Information Technology workers.  This time, ten years ago, I worked as a programmer for a company called K*Grind ( which, at the time, was aimed at providing high quality media content aimed […]

Romanticizing the bust

Some refreshingly good news for a change – news in that the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly against the controversial anti-copyright trade agreement (ACTA) today, 663-13.  The agreement, being debated in strict secrecy has been previously discussed on this blog and what we know if its provisions is chillingly disturbing. Countries […]

EU Parliament Rejects ACTA Provisions

As some of you already know we have decided to live in China and study Mandarin and have arrived tonight in Shanghai.  We put our belongings into storage and made our final trip to New South Wales last week.  Today (3/3/10) we left Sydney for the orient. My wife and […]

A new venture in China