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Sorry about the delays in new posts – we’re anticipating moving into a new apartment early next week and as a result I’ve been postponing the amount of time usually reserved for new blog posts.  Regular posts should resume either later this coming week, or the following week (as I […]

Anzac Day 2010

For those of you who work with or live in a country which uses a language other than English, you may have need for variations on input.  As you may know, I’m learning Mandarin which means I’m making use of Traditional and Simplified Chinese. When setting up my Windows 7 […]

Alternate Languages for Windows

Two nights ago, Microsoft’s premiere Development Suite – Visual Studio 2010 – was officially released (RTM – release to manufacturing/marketing).  This means that it is officially ready and final (not pre-release).  You can download full trials of all the editions of the suite from the Microsoft website. The 2010 edition […]

Visual Studio 2010 Released

Well, it’s been a busy week.  Unfortunately it hasn’t left me with much time to write any meaningful blog entries – apologies.  Last Friday I managed to implement an end-to-end solution for object graph serialization with Entity Framework (v4) POCO objects to and from WCF Web Services (note: for .Net […]

Entity Framework v4 (POCO) and WCF Web Services