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Recently I put my mind towards developing a fairly light rules based utility for applying various logical patterns on top of some linear business data.  Honestly, my initial thoughts were “oh no, not another boring rules based implementation” because we (ought to) know how boring that can be – and […]

A quick and dirty Rules Engine using Windows Workflow (Part ...

Introduction Now if you are like me, you’ve probably had some interest in POCO (plain old CLR objects) objects for at least some time.  They are an invaluable tool in the distributed systems and service oriented architecture areas, but up until now they’ve been inaccessible for those designs. In a […]

The ADO.Net Entity Framework, POCO Objects and You

<Professor Farnsworth>Good news everyone</Professor Farnsworth> We’ve successfully migrated away from Live Spaces (well, almost) and are now nice and happy in the new home at Sanders Technology.  There are still a bunch of links in the various articles which refer to the file storage at Live Spaces, and a few […]

We’ve successfully migrated

Hi There! As I mentioned in my “regular” blog – on live spaces – I’m going to be moving all that content over to this site.  Please be patient, it’s going to be a lengthy migration I fear. Obviously this is a WordPress site, so I’m hoping to use all […]

We’re working on something special