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  Well, as most people know I’m an outspoken critic of the NSW Labor Government.  I’m not going to rehash any argument which I’ve aired previously – there are plenty of examples – this election will be long remembered as the election that the Liberals lost and not the election […]

It’s official: NSW votes

  There have been news reports recently about violence at a number of Sydney schools including repeat incidents at a Carlingford school.   The media (per the link) appear to be pinning it onto ethnic/racial tensions, but I’ve seen the media at work before and I somehow doubt that it’s […]

Local News

  My, my, my.. There are a series of movie trailers over at IMDB which are worth looking at.    Transformers (a Michael Bay film) is looking better and better I have to admit.  Eerie, actually. Fantastic Four.. jury’s out.  Who doesn’t like the Silver Surfer though? Die Hard – […]

Movie Trailers!

  Well, I’ve been a bit slow in getting out my usual volume of blog updates – sorry for that – I’ve been a bit more busier than usual the past week or so.   Aside from making an ass of myself on the aus-dotnet mailing list (always read carefully), […]

That old new thang

Well, the sports world is abuzz with rumours and opinion about what is the likely future of dual international, Lote Tuqiri. Personally, I think he should go back to Rugby League so that Rugby Union can go back to focusing on growing its own talent, and reward individuals within its own ranks, […]

Bye bye Lote.. go sideways, like normal

  Hi.  If you live in Sydney and/or if you’re attracted to the prospect of walking across the Sydney harbour bridge sans traffic, you’ll get your chance on March 18.  The harbour bridge, icon, mass transit saviour and skyline king, turns 75 years old on March 18th and to mark […]

Walk the Harbour Bridge