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Today there was a topic posted on slashdot about how a company would go about finding top shelf programming talent.  This seems to come up on slashdot a lot (we can only guess as to why). Anyway, I came across this comment which I think really spells out the qualities […]

Finding the right folks

Just a quick post to point out that the folks at Network World have published a review of the GM (Gold Master) edition of Windows Server 2008.  You can find the article here:   I’ve been using WS2K8 as my primary OS since late December, 2007 and it has […]

Network World reviews Windows Server

Welcome news from Microsoft as they have released the technical specification of select Microsoft Office file formats (pre-Office 2007). The release of this information is covered by the Microsoft Open  Specification Promise which may or may not have implications for individuals who view the data.  It depends who you ask.  […]

Binary Formats Got You Down?

Goodbye to all our friends and family in Sydney.  Tomorrow morning we are heading north to the great state of Queensland. We’ve had some fond memories and fun times in the first state (New South Wales) and leave behind seven years of life and living.   To those who we […]

Farewell, Sydney

You read it here first.  Foxtel (Australia) unveiled a new customer support system which simultaneously kicked subscribers off the Foxtel network. Placing a call to the customer support centre on 131 999 simply gave you the usual set of menus until you reached a recording which told you to call […]

Foxtel burns customers in upgrade

Hi.  I’m back from the eye surgeon’s hand.  The operation was successful, although it is taking a toll on my body. Generally, I’m sleeping most of the days, between 16 – 18 hours.  My right eye is very uncomfortable (although not painful).   Luckily this time around I am not […]

Monitors: Not good for eyes

G’day.  So I’m reviewing "Mass Effect" by Bioware.   This title comes from the same people who brought you the first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (a brilliant game), and the game’s design and format won’t be alien (pardon the pun) to those who have played KOTOR (or […]

Game Review: Mass Effect

Hi all.  So here’s a quick update.   Tomorrow I’m heading back to Brisbane to scout out some more properties to rent. However, I’m back in Sydney on Thursday because of a phone call I received this afternoon.   In a nutshell, on Thursday at 4pm I’m undergoing a corneal […]

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